Life Coaching

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What is life coaching?

Life is hard. This is a simplistic statement, but it’s true. Oftentimes, our journey requires outside perspective and advice. Life coaches help you identify the root of problems, set goals, and help with motivation. Life coaches specialize in many different areas such as business, leadership, health, immigration and adapting to new environments and cultures, and other concrete aspects of life. It is the bridge between what we want and how we get there.


What is the difference between counseling and life coaching?

Counseling is a psychotherapeutic process that focuses on thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and overall emotional and mental health. It focuses on the past and the present, and how self-destructive habits lead to trauma and a lower quality of life. It centers around reflection and introspection, and helps resolve the past in order to improve the future. Counselors are health professionals, and specialize in mental and relationship issues.
Life coaching, however, identifies current obstacles and problematic behaviors and helps each client make a plan to achieve specific goals. They are less thought-based and are more concrete, working on practical solutions to retake control of specific aspects of life such as work and interpersonal relationships.

Why choose life coaching?

Life coaching is an investment in your over all future. It helps you design the path you want to take and help you move forward on various issues in life. It is a good beginning when feeling lost or doubting your decisions. It is helpful when you are looking to make a major change in your life or struggle with follow through. It is a useful tool for issues in many different subjects, including business, career change, and how to manage relationships.

Is it worth the expense?

Life coaching is not an inexpensive service, but it is very often worth it. Luckily, unlike therapy, it can be a short-term process. Mad Hatter Counseling offers individual sessions and seminars with professionals that are helpful on various topics. Try it out! It may surprise you.