The Advantages of Online Counseling

Though the the basic therapeutic approach is the same, online counseling and in-person counseling can be two completely different experiences. Though many people prefer in-person sessions, online counseling is often a better option for a multitude of reasons.


Unlike in-office sessions, online counseling can be done anywhere. Most of us run on tight schedules. We have obligations that demand a lot of time and attention, giving us smaller windows to do things outside of our to-do lists. Just traveling to an office is time consuming. Online services provide flexibility that in-person visits do not.

2—Increased number of options to choose the right counselor

Clients are often forced to work with therapists who they do not completely “click” with. This is because distance is a huge factor in choosing someone for counseling. Online sessions eliminate this limitation, as distance doesn’t matter. You can reach anyone from anywhere!


Unfortunately, these trying times have created a necessity for extra safety measures. We are forced to be careful of where we go and what we do, and although things are beginning to open up, erring on the side of caution is always a plus. Online counseling is a safer option that lowers the possibility for exposure to Covid-19.

4—Higher Likelihood of follow-through

Many of us get caught up in different activities that make us lose track of time. When this happens, it is difficult to make it to an appointment, because of the time it takes to drive. This leads to missing appointments and counselors dismissing the client from their practice. With online counseling, this is much less likely to happen. You can just log-in the moment you remember!

5—Easier transfer of information

Many counselors assign “homework” at the end of each session for out-of-counseling reflection. These come in the form of worksheets, questions, and even videos. Because everything is completely online, it is easier to access these exercises. No print-outs that waste resources and are easy to lose, and if you forget what the homework was, there’s a place to find it easily!

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